Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What to read on demography and the Middle East

I've put together a few links for recommended reading on the role of demography in the recent protests across the Middle East. Chapter 2 of my book--Youth and Youthful Age Structures--is also a great resource!!

1) Rich Cincotta's piece on The New Security Beat and subsequent replies.
2) Foreign Policy's "The Arab World's Youth Army"
3) From the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, "The Future of the Global Muslim Population" and commentary on the report.
4) From The New York Times: "Protest's Old Guard Falls in Behind the Young"
5) From Brookings, Generation in Waiting edited by Navtej Dhillon and Tarik Yousef.
6) Hilary Silver's "Social Exclusion: Comparative Analysis of Europe and Middle East Youth"
7) The UN's Arab Human Development Report 2009
8) Story from NPR in which colleagues Liz Madsen and Jack Goldstone are quoted.
9) The Demographics of Revolt by Liz Madsen

I'll keep updating as things come across my screen.